Become part of our network

Partnering with us allows you to become part of our network. We have a wide network of producers, processors and retailers that we can leverage to make the proper connections needed to make a business flourish and grow quickly.  We will be more than happy to connect with you and figure out how we can work together to create more opportunities for both of us.  

Not only that, we want to help people who are part of this network have opportunities to grow and engage with people they typically do not have access to.  This includes company sponsored events as well as resources that can give you a competitive edge.  For more information, please inquire below. 

Partner benefits


You will have access to anyone in our network. We hope to have events and have opportunities for people to connect within our network.


You can get exclusive access to certain products and items just by ordering through Cannaport.

Technical Resources

Partnering with us allows you to get access to tools to better understand your product marketplace and where you stand.


By being a partner, you will be able to be listed on Cannaport's Partner Directory and access Cannaport partner logos.


As a partner, we can better service your logistics needs to optimize turnaround and fulfillment.

Marketing Resources

With partnering, we will include you in our marketing efforts to bring better visibility to your products.